I Find You, Mariah!

I obsess over the little things. I obsess over someone yelling at me. I obsess over mistakes I make. I obsess with what people think of me, especially people I admire. I obsess over events that took place eight months ago. I obsess over TV shows, where I watch the whole show over and over – the final episode ends and I start again from season one…over and over.… Read More I Find You, Mariah!

Witches Happen Everywhere

Somehow, Fitta’s rare green eyes were no match for Skurka’s commanding presence and witty comments which seemed to have captured by storm not only the Vekling’s heart, but the other villagers as well.

And so, Skurka cautiously made her way back to her cabin to find the villagers stabbing her windows and doors with pitchforks and fire. At the very front of the hunt was Fitta, provoking their anger.… Read More Witches Happen Everywhere

I Can Do Better

Gloria then walked outside and stood on the sidewalk, taking in her surroundings: someone came out of the Chinese place next door with a mop bucket and threw out the dirty water on the sidewalk, a baby was crying in his stroller as he and his irritated mother passed by, a man and woman were yelling at each other across the street and police sirens were heard a few blocks away.

Gloria turned to the employee that was taking a cigarette break next to her and she said to the woman, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” The woman shrugged and continued puffing as Gloria walked by her with a new positive attitude!… Read More I Can Do Better

Single Burner Survival: Chicken and Broccoli w/ Whipped Butternut Squash

Our stove died in November. It is now May and I still don’t have a new stove. Why? Because other things have either died or kaput in our home and those have taken precedence – also, we’re one of those “but what if there’s a better deal somewhere else?” kind of people, and so, I’ve… Read More Single Burner Survival: Chicken and Broccoli w/ Whipped Butternut Squash